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Do you desire a life full of travel and location freedom? 

Let's get started

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1:1 coaching is for the free spirits, the dreamers, and the doers.

This 3 month coaching retainer includes all the resources, tools and support you could ever need to begin your life as a digital nomad without even needing to leave your 9-5.


Digital Nomad Coaching is right for you if you if you want...

+ To become a digital nomad (like yesterday...)

+ Full location independence that allows you to travel as much as you want


+ Learn how to balance working while traveling, different time zones, checking off all of your bucket list items...

+ Confidence to make the transition to full-time travel on your terms

+ Flexibility for spontaneity in every day life

+ A newfound sense of independence and confidence in yourself

Based out Nashville, TN my one true love is travel. It was during my time living in a remote small town, 2 hours from the nearest airport that I would daydream about leaving and traveling all over the world. 

But, it wasn't till June, 2021 I made a step towards my dream by joining a remote company and not resigning on a lease to allow me to travel full-time.

My mission is to help others explore the parts of the world they've only dreamed about seeing. I want to empower free-spirits to travel as frequently as they'ed like within their means and desired lifestyle. 

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Inside 1:1 Coaching

The exact tools and methods I used to become a digital nomad. My clients and I have used this methodology to travel the world while successfully balancing work and living the life of their dreams.


As we know, becoming a digital nomad isn't an easy leap to make. If it was, everyone would do it. Trust me, I've trial and errored, extensively researched, and learned everything the hard way so you don't have to.


My intention is to help you collapse time and gain peace of mind by learning the RIGHT way to become a digital nomad that feels good to you, your work, and those close to you. 


I have clients who have gone from working an in office corporate job, to country hopping around the world all while working from their laptop without having to quit their jobs.


1:1 coaching isn't just about getting you on a plane to somewhere awesome - we also cover mindset as I digital nomad success is 80% mindset and 20% strategy. With both of those covered, there's really nothing you can't accomplish.

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What's included in 1:1 digital Nomad Coaching?

Bi-weekly 45 Minute 1:1 Calls

TTCustom strategy and support to get you living the digital nomad life in just 3 months. Includes trainings on:

+Building a digital       

   nomad itinerary 

+ Digital Nomad time


+How to book your flights and


+Fear setting and limited belief


+ Much more

Daily Voice Note Support

Daily 1:1 voice note support from Madison for questions, worries, & wins. 

Through voice note support you will never feel alone and have continued support and encouragement as you follow through on dreams and goals.

Custom Digital Nomad Itinerary 

Custom Digital Nomad Itinerary for your first trip that incorporates your travel time, work hours, scheduling in bucket list items and suggestions for work and play location ideas, so that we get rid of any first trip scheduling anxiety and have you feeling you feel organized and comfortable with your time management throughout your whole trip

+ all the bonuses

  • Email and call templates for requesting remote work 

  • Full guide on the top 5 safest and best cities in the world to work as a digital nomad (where to stay, best coworking spaces, foods to enjoy and avoid, phrases to know 

  • Access to the solo travel community FB group

  • Access the HUB, which includes resources such as:

  • Culture changes: Language, food, people… 

  • Template of Digital Nomad Itinerary for future trips to help you stay organized and confident as you balance work and travel 

  • Resources to help you with finding the best places to work while traveling 

  • Resources on affordable accommodations, flights, activities with exclusive discount codes ($250 + over $500 in potential savings)

The Program:

Call 1

Goal setting | Fear Setting | Action Plan

Your first call is where we get clear on your goals, your vision, your dreams. 

We dive deep into your fears and what is holding you back from your dream life.

From there we will create an action plan that will help you achieve your goals and push past the fears that are weighing you down. 

Call 2

Solidifying the intention & Plan

On this call we will solidify exactly where you will go first, when you will go, what you want to do while you are there, what you want your experience to look like, when you want your working hours to be, and overall budget.

Post call I will send over what we adjust for you to sit on and make sure it looks right and feels good. You will make any adjustments as needed so this trip feels like a "hell yes".

In-between call 2 and 3 is where I will make you your custom digital nomad itinerary for your trip.

Call 3

Finalize Itinerary & Take Action

On call 3 we will go over your custom digital nomad itinerary and make any necessary adjustments.

On this call is where we will also look at what needs to happen at home in order for you to go. Talk to the manager? Have a talk with a nervous family member? Find a storage unit for your things? Find a sublet? In this call we will create a plan of action to get all of your ducks in a row.

Call 4


By call 4, we will be 2 months into your program. You will have completed most of your action plan, had necessary conversations, completed mindset work to prepare your nervous system for change, waked through time management while traveling best practices...and now it's time to book.

On this call we will booking everything. You will share your screen and go through my best booking practices for booking your flights, stays and experiences so that you are getting the most optimal prices and schedule for your trip. If there is anything we can't book on the call, I will add it to your action plan for the week.


After this call I will send over your finalized itinerary that will reflect all of your bookings!

Call 5 + 6

Support call

Your last few calls will be support calls that will be dedicated to your custom needs before you leave for your trip. 


These calls are completely yours. We can talk through any mental blocks, troubleshoot any physical blocks, work on your packing list, dive deep into culture and language of where you are going... the possibilities are endless.

Above the Clouds

By the end of these
6 weeks you will...

+ Become a digital nomad

+ Gain full location independence that allows you to travel as much as you want


+ Learn how to balance working while traveling, different time zones, checking off all of your bucket list items...

+ Gain the confidence to make the transition to full-time travel on your terms

+ Gain Flexibility for spontaneity in every day life

+ Gain A newfound sense of independence and confidence in yourself

Application Only Basis

This is only for

those who

are ready to 

say YES to

becoming a 

digital nomad

and commit

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