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Based out Nashville, TN my one true love is travel. It was during my time living in a remote small town, 2 hours from the nearest airport that I would daydream about leaving and traveling all over the world. 

But, it wasn't till November, 2021 I made a step towards my dream by joining a remote company and not resigning on a lease to allow me to travel full-time.

My mission is to help others explore the parts of the world they've only dreamed about seeing. I want to empower free-spirits to travel as frequently as they'ed like within their means and desired lifestyle. 


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Now I am a travel content creator and coach helping others travel the world without breaking the bank. Currently based in Nashville, I joke that I spend more time traveling than home, and my friends would agree. 

My true love is sharing all the ways that. you too can have the life of travel and adventure you desire.

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