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Dive into the world of travel
EXPERT EDUCATION and Inspiration TO SUPPORT YOUR desires of traveling the world

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Are you ready to finally explore the places you have always dreamed of visiting?

It’s time to go all in on your desires of traveling the world 

The Travel Club was created intentionally for people with a desire to wander–for those who know they're meant to see the world, but don’t know where to start or need help filling in the gaps. It’s built to support your burning desire to travel and experience the world.

This is your sign. It's time to take your desire to travel seriously.

Find your community of likeminded travelers

My mission is to help you travel as much as your heart desires

Hey, I'm Madison and I am so excited you're here! 

Based in Nashville TN, my one true love is travel. It was during my stir crazy time in quarantine where I would daydream about being location independent and working all over the world. 

A little over a year later I made a step towards that dream by joining a remote company and not resigning on a lease. Exploring every possible income stream, I have been living the #laptoplifestyle for over 5 years.

My mission is to help others travel more.


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